Freelance photographer based in Stockholm. Member of Svenska Fotografers Förbund.


I've studied photography full time from 2014 to 2016 and received extensive training in various photographic techniques using both analog and digital equipment. My education and experience enables me to work with a variety of formats and styles, in studio as well as on location. 


For my Fine Art projects I always choose to work with film. I enjoy the slower, more intuitive way to photograph and dedication to an image, especially when using medium or large format. But most of all I love the look and 'feel' of an analog image - grain and softness as well as the special way film captures light and textures. All of those images can be ordered as prints in few pre-set sizes and limited quantities. Each print is signed and numbered, some can be ordered on silver gelatin paper printed manually in the dark room.


Please contact me for further details, pricing, bookings and print orders.